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Nexia Levitt Kirson has over twenty years’ experience in auditing and we are based in Westville, in the sunny province of KwaZulu-Natal. We audit a wide range of industries in the greater Durban area and beyond, including manufacturing, hospitality, retail, construction, automotive, advertising, financial services and estate agents. We are able to provide a professional and efficient audit with minimum disruption to your operations.

We conduct our audits in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing as required by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and Independent Regulatory Body for Auditors (IRBA), ensuring an audit of the highest quality. Furthermore, if required, we assist in the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards ensuring accurate financial reporting.

At the end of each audit, clients are provided with a report detailing recommendations for improving efficiency and effectiveness in the internal control structure and operations of their business. Our priority is to help businesses maximise efficiency and profits through sound advice from our professionals.

Should a statutory audit not be required, we conduct either a review or a compilation. A review comprises a detailed analysis of your business and the application of analytical procedures in order to provide limited assurance that material changes to the financial statements are not necessary. As in an audit, should it be required we will assist in the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements. A compilation comprises the preparation of Annual Financial Statements based on the accounting records provided by the client and is the most common and cost effective form of engagement for close corporations and trusts.


Compliance with the Companies and Close Corporations Acts of South Africa requires specialist knowledge and skills. At Nexia Levitt Kirson, we help our clients stay on top of their interests by keeping abreast of changes in the industry, using highly trained and vastly experienced staff as well as maintaining impressive turnaround times.

Our services in this department range from the preparation and submission of statutory documents to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, registration and incorporation of various entity types, maintenance of your secretarial records and the preparation of certificates required by various regulatory bodies and financial institutions. The result of this complete company secretarial service is that our clients are left with peace of mind so that their full attention can be paid to profit generating activities.


With our main focus being on assisting entrepreneurial, high-growth clients in the greater Durban area, we understand that there are certain business activities that do not necessarily earn the stakeholders additional revenue. Nexia Levitt Kirson provides a holistic package when it comes to financial reporting and compliance.

We provide outsourcing services to many entities of various sizes in KwaZulu-Natal, which comprises of processing the financial information from source documentation to trial balance and financial statement level, providing tailor-made management accounts to aid in decision making, assisting with various calculations such as VAT and submission of these statutory returns. We ensure that a comprehensive set of financial records is maintained at all times.

Our accounting services are flexible in that we can provide an ongoing accounting function on a monthly basis or engage in short term projects to rectify your accounting records prior to an impending deadline. We will take the administrative burden off your shoulders, making sure that you can concentrate on running your business.


The philosophy on which Nexia Levitt Kirson is built is to provide management advice and support to entrepreneurs. The value-added services provided to our clients are the hallmark of our operations. These services include many things ranging from advice on smaller issues to that of structuring purchase and sale agreements to protect clients’ interests, providing ongoing tax advice and facilitation of SARS queries and audits. The most important services relate to the provision of relevant financial advice with due consideration to the individual client and his/her family’s needs and situations as the primary concern. Where management consulting requires developing complex systems, the firm uses autonomous experts to ensure independence is not compromised and guarantee clients obtain the best possible advice.


At Nexia Levitt Kirson, we understand that managing your payroll is time consuming and cumbersome. We will take care of your monthly payroll function, creating and maintaining accurate and complete computerised records.

Whether it is calculating monthly tax deductions or producing payroll reports, at Nexia Levitt Kirson we have experienced staff to take care of all your payroll needs.


Our taxation experts will alleviate the burden and complexities associated with tax compliance, giving you the time to focus your energy on what is most important to you: growing your business. We will take care of all your tax compliance needs, including the completion and submission of tax returns, assistance with provisional tax calculations, completion of STC forms, registration for and submission of various taxes including PAYE, SDL, UIF, VAT and Workmen’s Compensation. As a result of our experience in dealing with the Receiver, Nexia Levitt Kirson has the experience to deal with the morecomplex issues should they arise. These include objecting to incorrect assessments and attending to any queries from SARS, obtaining tax clearance certificates and directive applications.We provide the above range of services to individuals, companies, close corporations, trusts and estates.Our experienced tax consultants constantly monitor the changes in taxation legislation and therefore ensure that we are in a position to maximise your tax benefits whilst keeping the interests of yourself, your business as well as your family in mind.


There are now several cloud-based accounting packages available in the market. Founded in New Zealand in 2006, Xero has been one of the leaders in this space since inception due to a focus on security and innovation. Xero was built in the cloud, for the cloud and is unlike other accounting systems that were originally built for desktop.

Nexia Levitt Kirson has taken the approach of being master of one, rather than trying to understand all of them. We have been impressed with the reliability of Xero, its user-friendly interface, and its ability to integrate with an incredible number of third-party applications.

One of our other favourite features is the fantastic support available directly from Xero. Their support website (Xero Central) has free online training courses, helpful support articles and gives you access to Xero’s free 24-hour support by allowing you to log tickets with their support consultants.

We are Xero migration specialists, so we can help you switch to Xero from any other accounting software, and we also provide general support and training. If you would like to know more about how we migrate clients and our pricing, please contact us and we will send you our handy Xero brochure.

Nexia Levitt Kirson is a Gold Champion Partner with Xero, so you will pay less for your Xero subscription when you purchase it through us!

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