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Nexia International is a network of independent accounting and consulting firms which ranks in the top ten. It has members in 95 countries and a turnover in excess of US$ 1.6 billion. Nexia’s origins go back 32 years making Nexia one of the longest established networks.

Nexia is different from other networks as the member firms remain independent and most member firms have exclusive representation in their national markets. On the other hand, Nexia Member firms share their experience and expertise on behalf of the international network and our clients.

Nexia Internationalist specialised committees on audit and tax, set professional standards for our Member firms. Quality Control Reviews ensure that these high standards are met. Apart from this, the firm’s specialised committees publish several professional publications and manuals – all contributing to the quality and international expertise of our network. As a client of Nexia Levitt Kirson, your business has access to professional services from other Members around the globe. Our international clients rely on us for advice on a wide range of issues including cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, international taxation and audit.

An in-depth “customer needs analysis” is always conducted when we take on a new client and identifying your needs and expectations of us are of vital importance. Essentially our practice focuses on serving high net worth individuals and their businesses. We have, for a number of years, developed our practice by concentrating our activities on assisting our clients to grow their businesses and their personal wealth through high quality service and by being responsive to all their business needs.

It is this element which has ensured that we have been able to provide personal service which is meaningful to the entrepreneur, his/her business partners and his family by being an effective sounding board with the genuine best interests of our clients at heart. In order to ensure that this approach is effective, where necessary, we utilize the services of the best legal and tax professionals available in the country and, if necessary, our international associates in the Nexia organisation.

Our Associated Offices

We are fortunate enough to have a large associated office in Cape Town. Our international associates are Nexia International a worldwide network of independent accounting firms.

Knowledge is frequently shared between the various offices in an attempt to offer our clients the very best service possible and to keep up to date on the latest information, methods and technologies.

Our Partners and Staff

With our cumulative experience gained both within and outside the auditing profession we are confident that we can add value to your business.

Our audit department is run under the supervision of Jono Hotz (Managing Partner), Samantha Cheesman (Partner), David Hotz (Partner), Kurt Bezuidenhout (Head of Audit) and a team of audit managers and supervisors who have adopted a hands on approach in assisting and mentoring trainees. Our goal is to ensure that the most qualified, experienced and suitable teams are selected for the work that has to be carried out. We strive to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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